Act Five (Feat. Chris Torpy of We Lost The Sea)

from by Flood The Sun



Featuring Chris Torpy of We Lost The Sea


I never thought time would mean,
Serving life in the back of a fractured mind.
Wounded these scars still weep.
Open arms have only stolen trust,
Severed spines and beaten nerves.
Seems the loyal flock in scaled cloaks.

Consumed by snake pit traumas,
The spitefulness in “friends”.

Swirling ocean waters drown,
Every inch of any hope left.
I’ve swallowed gallons of this bile,
Force-fed from the hands of kings.
Who would of known? Serpents live under the skin.
Killing for the day I put those years to sleep.
Conscious only to defeat every empty word
You’ve thrown my way.

Let me be the strength behind this knife to your throat.
I will crush and contort every bone in your face.
Bitter sweet revenge here I am,
Look me in the eyes.

In search for the sun through the ruins,
I’m gnawing on my limb ends.
I can smell the rays and see the day,
A fresh face and a smile I portray.

You cant replace past mistakes.
Don’t let the world bring you down.
You can’t erase past mistakes.
Don’t let the world bring you to your knees.
It’s done.


from Flood The Sun, released December 20, 2010
Music - Jack Pope, Levi Miah

Vocals and Lyrics, Chris Torpy
Mixed and mastered by Levi Miah



all rights reserved


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